Pre-Empt Your Hangover

Take 2 SoberOn Capsules after a night of drinking & wake up energized, refreshed and hangover free.


Remember the worst hangover you ever had?


  • You hurt like hell, thanks to a brutal combo of inflammation and the anaesthetic of alcohol wearing off. You can feel pain again, and it comes back to bite.
  • Bunged up sinuses caused by an allergic reaction to the alcohol and artificial flavourings in many alcoholic drinks
  • Your face is puffy because you’re dehydrated, and as a result, you have an excess of sodium in your body, which causes inflammation
  • Your sleep patterns are irregular, and you don’t get a deep sleep required to recharge properly
  • If you do sleep, you will often have nightmares or weird dreams as the alcohol locks your distressed brain into REM (dream zone)

You wished you never had a drink!

Doctors Orders


I’m Dr. Frank Johnson, M.D. As a licensed medical practitioner for over 30 years, I have a passion for researching healthy solutions to challenges experienced by millions of people.One of these problems, we’ll agree, is the dreaded “HANGOVER”.

SoberOn is your one-of-a-kind solution to prevent your hangovers– our rigorous 3-year global research and testing has ensured that!

I personally invite you to explore the benefits of our product. You simply will not find a better solution!

Yours in peace, sobriety and health!

Dr. Frank

changed the world.

Well, today your suffering ends. The pain… the lost time...the embarrassment… the anxiety and frustration… all of it will be gone!

Because I’m going to show you a simple yet revolutionary new product that already helped thousands of people just like you prevent hangovers. So you’ll be enjoying fun nights out and wake up energized and refreshed the next morning!

Imagine how good that feels, the next time you have a big night out, you wake up the next morning with a smile of happiness, energized, hitting the gym, performing like a rock star.

Celebrating every moment as your buddies’ jaws drop with dumbfounded disbelief. All of them thinking “How can you do that after last night?”


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Imagine a world free of hangovers

My name is John Mackenzie and I used to have the worst hangover you can imagine. Sometimes even after only a couple of glasses of wine.

This puzzled me immensely and I spent thousands of hours and hundreds of thousands of $$$ to better understand why...

I soon discovered, the hangover is a human epidemic, and urgent help is needed.

“I actually know someone who got fired for arriving at work hungover. And that after a work-related networking event!

I mean, if there was ever a day to call in sick, it would be then…but that was that – he was gone. I knew I could have helped him.

That's why I got leading scientist from around the world to join my team and help with researching hangovers with the main objective of solving this age old dilemma.

Our mission is to help you, to not experience the same fate. We want you to enjoy yourself without regretting it.



The shocking truth of countless so-called hangover prevention cures...

There are literally hundreds of products on the market claiming they can prevent a hangover.

But ask yourself.. Why don't they work? Why do we still feel like crap even if they charge us up to $100 for a bottle of 15 capsules?

Most included Vitamin B and C, electrolytes, and milk thistle. And yes, they are part of the solution. BUT WHY DON'T THEY WORK?

The problem is, most anti hangover medicines just bundle these ingredients together without another thought about the formulation, and what should be added to them to make them truly effective.

Fail. Epic fail. Because of this lack of understanding formulation chemistry, little to no guidelines exists on how to prevent a hangover when you take these ingredients.

This epic fail in anti hangover science caused the terrible reputation of ineffectiveness placed on marketed hangover cures.

chemical formulation
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SDRD - Research Appreciation Award

The Secret Lies As Much In The Formula As It Does In The Ingredients Of A Hangover Prevention Cure

If we take a look at SoberOn, on a purely scientific and objective basis, we are confident to say that these creases in hangover prevention technology got ironed out.

How do you ask? Some hocus-pocus, newfangled, never-been-seen-before science? Heck no.

We only chemically formulated SoberOn (with the best ingredients) to do a much sought after job: prevent the cursed hangover once and for all. 

We believed that with the right application of medical fundamentals, and with an openness to natural, herbal and alternative medicine, we could crack the code. And we did.

It took us the better part of 3 years to consult with leaders in the biochemical, medical, traditional and nutritional disciplines all around the world. But we did it.

After years of dedicated research, testing and retesting we identified the key ingredients and created the revolutionary formula SoberOn. 




First 200 Sober-On Party Packs are FREE!

100% Money Back Guarantee

Let’s Start With The Money Back Guarantee On All Orders After the 200 Free Orders; That Says It All

So, as we stated earlier, anti-hangover solutions got a bad rep because of their ineffectiveness. That we know is a fact.

That’s why SoberOn offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you paid for your order of the new hangover prevention cure which already took the Asian market, especially Singapore, by storm.

People always say, “put your money where your mouth is.” So we did.

If you purchase SoberOn, and not 100% satisfied that it lived up to its promise, you get your money back. No questions asked.

If that doesn’t spell out the word CONFIDENCE, then not much will.

MIH Team


First 200 Sober-On Party Packs are FREE!

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Listen To What Other's  Say About SoberOn...


Francis, South Africa

  • Big nights cannot be allowed to impact your job performance.
  • SoberOn hangover pill closest to a cure from all the hangover medicines.
  • Easy to take.
  • No long list of instructions.
  • All I know is it works.

Adrian, Singapore

  • Expected to drink with my customers. Comes with the damn hangovers.
  • No more rows of anti hangover pills lined up next to our bed.
  • I take SoberOn with a big jug of water before going to bed and NO HANGOVER.

Kato, Russian Federation

  • The only thing you need to pre-empt your hangover.
  • I take 1 after a night with friends and ready to go the next day.
  • Always have a blister pack with me and all my friends and family supporters after I introduced SoberOn.

Helen, Gold Coast

  • Even a mother with 3 children needs a break sometimes. Felt guilty in the past if I don't perform 100% after enjoying wine with friends.
  • SoberOn changed that and 2 capsules with a big glass of water pre-empt my hangovers. Can't remember what a hangover feels like.

Get Your SoberOn Now and Pre-empt the Hangover

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Due to the high demand, I was reluctant to do anything but after both, my wife and daughter insisted doing a promotion with the launch of our site, I agreed.

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First 200 Sober-On Party Packs are FREE!

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